Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Manual Post on RealTime SPAM

Do You Want Replica watches, bags, pens ?

Need a luxury bag or watch you've always dreamed off?

Want you Know What 'Woman' Like Most ?

Need Viagra?


Do you know that you Win a Lottery of 1 Million USD$ ?

Can you Help Me Transfer a Big Amount ?

Yes, I am telling you the real experiences of email user when checking your mailbox. I am sure that I can't find anyone, who have email box and didn't get an email with subject above.

This Blog Will Show You How An Email Address Published on any Online Page Get Attention of SPAMMERS...

Let's See..

SEND SPAM to send-me-spam-now-lol@bauani.org

This above email address I create and Post on Here and Few More Pages. I didn't subscribe this email address to anywhere. So there is no chance to get SPAM. But I am Sure This Trap will Work - Relax, Wait and See How Much SPAM Email Can Come to This Address...



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